Who is this guy?

Peter Michaels Jr. is a musician/songwriter from NYC. He's been on the music scene in one form or another since his early high school days. He's been recording and releasing music since 2018, progressing through the years. A former student of the New School of Jazz in NYC, Pete experiments in combining different flavors of many genre circles including rock, jazz, soul, classical, and world music such as classical Indian music. Pete comes from an upbringing of hard rock from the 60s and 70s, primarily the likes of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones among others, and their influence is recognized in his compositions. 

 Starting out as a drummer, Pete is a true multi-instrumentalist, professing mainly as a guitarist since the age of 8, while adopting a wide vocabulary on bass, piano, and other assorted string instruments such as mandolin, ukulele, and sitar. Pete is also a very competent percussionist in both auxiliary and mallet fields. A current musical undertaking is in wind instruments including flute and alto saxophone. Learning the mechanics of these instruments not only furthers his understanding of composing for these instruments in musical contexts but also rounds out his musicality in general. It's these efforts that allow him to record and produce music pretty much on his own terms.

Not only produced his own albums almost exclusively on his own, Peter also lends his talents both in-studio and live settings, playing with Granite Garden,  Jake Hoffman and Sofia Garcia. Pete has also performed with the first touring company of the Johnny Cash Official Concert Experience from October ‘23 to March ’24, taking the role of MD as well as playing slap upright bass.