In April 2021, Peter formed a band to bring his catalogue to a wider audience. The band is called Rubbasnuff. 

There had always been the desire to form a group, but it would only be with the right people. Luckily enough, that's just what happened.

Peter Michaels Jr. is a singer-songwriter from NYC whose music style can't be tied to one genre, but the words psych-rock, alt-pop and jazz-infused come to mind. Performing since early high school, Pete found a solid musical foundation and started writing songs and producing albums and wanted to perform his original tunes for a wider audience. He then formed Rubbasnuff, a group of dear friends with a wide and impressive musical vocabulary, all versed in jazz improvisation, hard rock roots, and jam-band rapport. Rubbasnuff lends 100% of its ideas and efforts to every performance, each one different from the last.

Rubbasnuff at the current line up consists of:

Peter Michaels Jr. banging the guitar and singing a lot;

Henry Plotnick tickling the keys and singing sometimes;

Jonah Bobo plucking the bass and singing a good bit;

Ben Shanblatt shredding the guitar and not really singing but maybe sometimes;

Sophia Bondi beating the drums and cymbals and singing a decent amount